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Post  Losika on Sun Dec 23, 2007 2:59 am

Why I should be a gm for you! I've played the server since yesterday, and it's pretty good ,but it's not many gms on,and i like helping people that needs help.

Real Life Name: Endre
Real Life Age:14

Do you know how to use Navicat/HeidiSQL, if yes, where have you used it? No i dont know.

Have you been a GM on another server before? If yes, which server. Yes on an non public server

What would you do if a player is speed hacking? I would warn the player, in the case of it being a private server, if it continued i would kick the player and if he doesnt listen i would 2 hours ban him, then i would 24 hour ban, If he speed hacks after that hes IP banned

What would you do if a player is in need of gold? I would tell him how to get money, buy free items and sell them.

What is your role on this server? Help People, Answer their questions, and fix bugs (if it's some).

Why do you think you should be a GM in this server? i have been playing the game for 3 years ,I know nearly all commands and im on a lot 7-10hours each day,normally. When Holiday 10-14 hours. And i love helping people,and mabye help the server to get more people.

Do you or have you ever played retail? If yes what class and how far into raiding did you go? (Always Curious)
Yes i got 1 lvl 70 sham and i did kara 5-7 times. And i got 5 lvl 30-35 chars.(On Retail)

Anything else you would like to add?
It's always pvp in the mall when its not an GM there... and at that time i play its nearly never an gm on so.. If it always was an GM on then the problem would been fixed Very Happy


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