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Post  Khaos on Sat Dec 29, 2007 3:42 pm

yes, we all know about the lag problem. Well, we know how to fix it, but it requires money...about 160 dollars a month, to be exact. We would get a dedicated server, which would completly wipe out the lag, and make everyone happy! Now, to your end of the bargain. We are currentley scripting CUSTOM T7 and CUSTOM weapons, for every class! These items are donator items, so if you donate, you can get custom t7, custom weapons, legendary weapons, all kinds of things! we currentley have the following classes done (but if we recieve a donation request from someone for a particular class, their t7 and weps will be finished in 30minutes to an hour)

DPS warrior
Paladin (will be finished by the end of today)
Hunter (will be finished by the end of today)

for information on prices and how to donate, pm chratz! or chratz, just put up the info on this post...

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