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Post  cjgdealhoy on Sat Dec 29, 2007 3:20 am

Why I should be a gm for you!

Real Life Name:Cameron
Real Life Age:15
Location:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Do you know how to use Navicat/HeidiSQL, if yes, where have you used it?
Have you been a GM on another server before? If yes, which server.
Yes, really cant remember the server.
What would you do if a player is speed hacking?
I would first warn him or her, if he or she continued i would warn her or him a second time and kick him or her, and a third would result in a permanent ban.
What would you do if a player is in need of gold?
I would tell them to go to a vendor and buy an item then sell it seeing as its free.
What is your role on this server?
I can vary in things to do. I can test things, check for bugs...many more.
Why do you think you should be a GM in this server?
I think i should be a GM because i work well with people, i am funny and i like to joke a bit but then i get serious with people. i ALWAYS obey the rules, and dislike people who don't. Also im EU so i can come on at times others cant.
Do you or have you ever played retail? If yes what class and how far into raiding did you go? (Always Curious)
Yes i do play retail, i have a level 64 Night Elf Hunter and a 70 Gnome mage on Aggramar EU
Anything else you would like to add?
I'm free most days of the week.


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